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LGBTQ+ Families and How to be Proactive at School

LGBTQ+ Families and How to be Proactive at School A guest blog by David Strah, Associate MFT, Associate Clinician at GayTherapyLA When we consider LGBQ+ families, it’s important to consider how parents can be proactive at school.  I can happily report that my two kids loved school and overall their academic experiences have been positive.  […]

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When the Gloves Come Off: 10 Ways for Gay Men To Handle Interpersonal Conflict

In the sport of hockey, somehow it became acceptable — even preferred — for its players to not only skate around on ice and toss a puck around, soccer-style, with sticks, but also occasionally to break out in fights.  You always know when one is about to happen.  Somebody does or says something to piss […]

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Gay Men’s Relationships: How to Make It Work on Four Levels

In my psychotherapy practice recently, I have worked with a number of clients on issues of how to strengthen their relationships with a partner.  In my experience and observation over 20 years of doing couples therapy, and individual therapy with clients who are working on relationship issues, I think managing a relationship comes down to […]

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Worried Mom

Dear Ken,My son is 26 years old, and I’m his mother. I live in a suburb of a major American city. My son just told me he is HIV-positive. How do I respond to this? I love my son, and I want him to be happy and healthy, but I’m just now sure “how” to […]

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