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Gay Men and Toxic Masculinity: A Call for Resistance to Gender Conformity Enforcement

Gay Men and Toxic Masculinity:  A Call for Resistance to Gender Conformity Enforcement As the founder and director of GayTherapyLA, a psychotherapy and coaching practice specializing in therapy for gay men and counseling for gay male couples (26 years), a theme that I see among clients from time to time includes the gay male client’s […]

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In Defense of Hate: Understanding the Modern American Conservative

[OK, it should go without saying for those who regularly read my blog, but I’m being facetious with the below.  I’m not a Trump supporter, and I’m being “devil’s advocate” here.  Just to clarify…] Usually, I write about LGBT issues (more specifically, about gay men), but because so many are stressed out about this election, […]

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Five Tips to Survive Election Season

Quickly try this exercise:  Think about where you were 15 years ago, in the Spring of 2001.  Where were you working?  Where did you go for lunch? Who was your favorite co-worker?  Who was your least-favorite co-worker?  Now, who was President?  (I bet that took a second, right?).  Because when we think about the course […]

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Fred Phelps is Dead. We Can All Breathe a Sigh of Relief. Or Can We? In the Age of “”, Maybe Not

You know, it's not the Fred Phelps "God Hates Fags"/"Matthew Shepard In Hell" style of anti-gay hate you have to worry about. Phelps is dead, and his "movement" locally probably gone with him. No one ever gave Phelps any serious consideration; his and his family's peculiar and theatrical expressive style of anti-gay sentiment was widely […]

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Gay Men’s Mental Health in the Current Political Climate: A Lesson in Hope and Resilience

As the first activities in the 2012 election season begin with events like the recent Republican Iowa Straw Poll, I have noticed an increase in reported stress in my daily practice of therapy with gay men.  It seems that the rhetoric in the news daily is an irritant to the men I work with in […]

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