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Gay Men’s Skills of Living Series: #3 – Self-Care at Any Age

Gay Men’s Skills of Living Series: #3 – Self-Care at Any Age I’ve been a specialist in therapy for gay men for over 26 years, working almost exclusively with gay male individuals or gay male couples.  In that time, I often get asked how self-care for gay men can be enhanced, and how we can […]

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Single Gay Men in Search of a Relationship: This is Not Your Parents’ Marriage

In my psychotherapy practice, I often work with single gay men in search of a relationship.  Are you sometimes frustrated that you are still single? I hear this a lot in my psychotherapy and coaching practice, where for over 24 years, I have helped gay men deal with this situation. There is no one “magic […]

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Therapy and Coaching for Gay Male Actors, Writers, Designers, and Other Creative Professionals: Celebrating Success, Managing Challenges

As a psychotherapist and career coach in Los Angeles for over 20 years who specializes in gay men, it’s inevitable that I would work with quite a few creative professionals:  actors, television writers, models, singers, designers, and others in the course of a year.  This year has been especially active with this, and it’s been […]

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Gay Men in Common Crisis Situations: Steps for Handling Them

When I work with clients in therapy, we could be working on many issues related to either their Personal or Professional Self.  Much of the time, the work is addressing bigger problems over time, but some of the time, there is a sudden crisis or event that really throws someone off, and needs immediate attention.  […]

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Gay Men’s Success in Building a Business or Self-Employment: If You Build It, They Will Come

One of the things that I do in my psychotherapy and coaching practice, that most other therapists don't do, is that I provide career and business coaching sesssions (in my office, over the phone, or over Skype) for guys who are self-employed, building a small business, or are looking for ways to take their business […]

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Gay Men’s Depression Coping Guide

Depression is the number one mental health problem in the world and gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals are up to twice as likely to suffer from depression as heterosexuals – not because they inferior human beings (contrary to some religious teachings and other oppression), but because the cumulative stress of heterosexism and homophobia in society, […]

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Jack the Gay Dull Boy: Overcoming Overwork

Is that you, Jack, your eyes bagged, clothes wrinkled, and face falling into the keyboard over one more Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation?  Hey, we live in America, Puritan work ethic and all that, with fewer vacation days per year than most industrialized countries.  And everyone who’s heard the story of “the ant and the […]

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Can You Afford to Be in Therapy? Can You Afford Not To?

After being in private practice and specializing in therapy and coaching for gay men for over 21 years, I have sometimes seen clients start therapy, and then decide they “can’t afford it” – yet they pay their drug dealer weekly full-price for crystal meth.  Or they still pay $15 for a cocktail at the Abbey […]

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When Pink Seeks Green: Gay Men Using Therapy and Coaching to Make More Money

One of the most persistent themes in counseling and coaching sessions in my 21 years in practice, specializing in therapy for gay men, has been guys wanting to move up in their careers, expand their self-employed business, and earn more money.  It’s just one of the factors – along with things like health, mental health, […]

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