Weekday Morning/Weekend Counseling and Weekend Therapy for Gay Men

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GayTherapyLA associate clinicians are available weekday mornings and all day weekends.

Ken Howard, LCSW is in the office weekdays (Monday through Friday), with day and evening appointments available. If you only want to see Ken, remember that employers in California are legally required to give you time off of work to receive “medically necessary” health services such as psychotherapy (under the auspices of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family Medical Leave Act).

But taking time off work on a weekday on a weekly basis sometimes just isn’t feasible due to commuting to and from Ken’s office in LA’s notorious traffic, or because of your particular job demands. Phone sessions and webcam sessions are available, too.  But if your schedule at work prevents you from coming to therapy during the weekday afternoons or evenings at all, GayTherapyLA is proud to offer counseling sessions on weekday mornings and all day weekends (Saturday/Sunday) with associate staff clinicians that include very qualified Master’s-level therapists (who are registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences) who work under the employment and clinical supervision of Ken Howard, LCSW.

Currently, the associate clinicians are Matthew “Mateo” Kessler, MS, MFT Intern, David Strah, MA, MFT Intern, and Amanda Jablon, MSW, Associate Clinical Social Worker.  Mateo, David, and Amanda offer sessions at overall lower fees than Ken.  Insurance reimbursement MAY be possible, as long as you have a PPO plan with out-of-network benefits (no HMO plans) who will reimburse for MFT interns or clinical social work associates; health plans will vary on their coverage policies, and it is up to you to contact your health insurance plan to clarify your reimbursement options.  Receipts will be provided to you, but please check with your health plan for information regarding authorizations, verification of out-of-network coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement policies.

Clinical Associate Staff:

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Matthew “Mateo” Keller, MS, MFT Intern is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (IMF99118), with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, and a clinical associate employed and supervised by Ken Howard, LCSW.  Matthew completed a degree in Counseling Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, CA.  He works with individuals, couples, and families in the greater West Hollywood and Los Angeles area.

He is passionate about providing you with evidence -based psychotherapy treatment (using techniques that have been proven by research to help clients get better) and to help you make a difference in your health and well-being of individuals.  He believes therapy is an opportunity to experience a greater awareness of oneself and understand the obstacles that hinder your emotional growth, and connection to others.

He sees working with clients as an important collaborative journey and welcomes all of your experiences. He will work together to identify your individual goals, as well as help you engage in a meaningful way in your life.

He has a specialized experience in working with youth ages 16 to 24, dealing with issues such as sexual identity, teens in the coming-out process, recovering from traumatic experiences, and managing anxiety.  He uses Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, among other techniques, that have much success in achieving positive change for his clients.  He also sees adults of any age.

His role is to provide a relaxed and safe environment to help you make life-affirming changes. He has had extensive experience working with people from many backgrounds and assisting with all kinds of issues. His extensive experience includes helping people with addictions, sexual identity, depression, anxiety, grief, relationships, trauma and loss.  To learn more about Mateo or to schedule an appointment, he can be reached at 310-591-4432 or


kh - pp - David Strah pic - 10-12-17David Strah, MA, MFT Intern is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern (IMF101904), with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, and a clinical associate employed and supervised by Ken Howard, LCSW.  David is here to help you overcome life’s challenges and live a fuller, happier, and more fulfilling life.  His style is to work with you collaboratively to identify your goals and empower you to achieve them.

He has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in LGBT Affirmative Therapy from Antioch University, Los Angeles.  This means he is educated and sensitive to the stressors  and issues unique to our community.  While training at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, he helped clients decrease and overcome anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD, and codependency.  His professional experience also includes helping you with coming out, sexual identity, gender dysphoria and gender transitioning, and the intersectionality of race, religion, and sexual identity, and improving relationships with romantic partners, family members, and co-workers.

He is the co-author of the book, Gay Dads:  A Celebration of Fatherhood, and is the father of two children (now teenagers) adopted at birth.  His book has helped hundreds of gay men navigate the process of becoming a parent through adoption, foster care, surrogacy, and co-parenting with women.

Together, we can look at your life’s story and rewrite your narrative to increase your sense of self-confidence, happiness, love, and joy in your life.  To learn more about David or to schedule an appointment, he can be reached at 917-922-2650 or


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Amanda Jablon, MSW, ACSW is a registered Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW #62159) with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences, and a clinical associate employed and supervised by Ken Howard, LCSW.  Amanda earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California. She works with a wide variety of clients, but specializes in working with young professionals and with individuals who need help moving beyond the past. Amanda uses a mind-body approach to help her clients find balance in all areas of their lives. She uses evidence-based interventions including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing. To learn more about Amanda or to schedule an appointment, please view her website